liam pretending to punch zayn before saying hi to a little girl.

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@fakeliampayne: Ice ice baby donate at thanks girls

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zayn:  *calls liam up after seeing him do the ice bucket challenge*
liam:  hello
zayn:  u fake [harry yelling in the background] tell him he's fake !
liam:  i can explain
zayn:  fuk u *hangs up*

@NiallOfficial: That was some craic last night! Soo funny !

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"She’s the kind of girl a guy meets when he’s too young, and he fucks up because there’s too much living to do. But later he realizes she’s perfect."
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soo es zen molek here im guna try n do uh coover of u belong wit me by tayler swift ima change tha lydics a bit  ovisly cus the re girl lyrkics aha xx wer gona chang it up a bit annnaa u guyz tel me wat u thnk, yor on th a fone wit ur bOyYfRrIeEnDd hes opset hez goin off aboOuTt sumtheeng taht u sed cus he dosnt get ur humer lik e i dOoOoOooOOOo im n ma room is a typical chewsday nite im lisening to tha kindo music he dosnt lieeEk nd he ll nevur kno ur stiory like i DoODOODODOODOO cuz he wers rayban s i wer glasses he werz swets n i wear ~chinos~ dremin bou tda day wen u wake up n find wat ur ben lookin for has ben here da hole time i f u can c that im tha o ne who understnd u ben here al alng y can t u SEEEeeeEE that u belon g wit mEEeeEe u belng wit me~


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Zayn’s reaction to my best friends poster is priceless😂😂😂😂

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Don’t fuck with boys who:


* are mean to their mothers
* are against feminism
* only want you for your body
* will/are leading you on
* think you owe them something
* think they are entitled to your body

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